Why do professionals choose Nectain?

Our team offers you its participation in all undertakings on the nectain platform.
Our experts will help you at all stages of the project.

Create a free version of the Nectain Low-code platform and our specialists will contact you to discuss our participation in the resolution of your task.

Nectain gives you a guarantee of your project completion in 10 weeks.


How to Start?

Just create a demo version so our experts can contact you by the contacts you left during the registration process or you can directly contact us at project@nectain.com


What are the conditions?

At the initiation meeting, we will determine the scope of your project and its requirements.

As a next step, our team will prepare complete technical requirements and design the pilot version together with your representatives.

After acceptance of the technical requirements and pilot functionality, we will define the full project scope and pricing.

The approximate pricing for 10 weeks is 30 000 EUR.

You can find the platform pricing on the Pricing page.


Who will I work with?

From Nectain's side, there will be a project manager who will collect your requirements and help you to understand our platform and an account manager who will be taking care of you and your satisfaction for the whole time.


What is required from my side?

  1. Term: 1 month. (equal to the duration of the Pilot period).
  2. Defined team for operational communication
  3. At least weekly sprint meetings (stand up's)

We will help you with every single step

Be confident with Nectain low-code platform

Using low code principles and the help of our team you will achieve enormous savings of time and human resources on solving any business process automation tasks of your enterprise.

Let’s do the work together. We will provide you with the full support and involvement of our team to make your project successful.

In this stage we will:

  • Get in touch with your team
  • Collect the first information about your project
  • Define the next steps and communication channels

In this stage we will:

  • Prepare definition of your project
  • Prepare scope description
  • Technical documentation of your project
  • Design the pilot version

In this stage we will

  • Do the acceptance of pilot version
  • Acceptance of the full project scope
  • Plan weekly delivery meetings
  • Delivery of the desired functionality
  • Testing
  • Final acceptance
  • Project closing
  • Continous support