Vacation Request

Leave request workflow

You can easily automate leave requests using Nectain

The process of submitting a leave request and getting it approved may seem complicated. Navigating the process involves the following steps:


Confirmation of the number of vacation days to which a potential employee is entitled.


Verification of dates based on leave requests made in the department.


Submitting a leave request to the Human Resources department for review and approval.


Informing the employee if they wish to approve or deny the request and entering the leave into their system.


Automated leave notifications to the recipients in the Microsoft Exchange calendar.


Automatical assignment of a replacement to a workflow task when the original worker is absent.

Nectain Platform Offers Additional Opportunities For Actions That Support The Steps Above. These Actions Include:

Sending an email to the supervisor after submitting the leave request.

Contacting the replacement via email once the request is approved.

Updating the HR system with the approval.

Informing clients who are assigned to a particular employee, etc.

The Nectain approach to HR-related workflows includes

Highly customizable and scalable HR process management software, so it can easily be adapted to fit your unique needs.

Successful track record of implementing change management strategies that ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

Software that is integrated with business HR systems and Microsoft Exchange, so you can get up and running quickly and easily.

A comprehensive leave request tracking system. It features records of every submitted and processed request, as well as approvals and adjustments.

Integrations with business HR systems and Microsoft Exchange that make it easy to use.

Integrations with business HR systems and Microsoft Exchange make it easy to use.

Handling huge data volumes without any problems.

The following are some of the other processes Nectain can handle:

Making travel arrangements for work, including advance payments

Registering and approving requests for job position changes or other employment-related changes

Processing new recruitments

Processing terminations

Getting reimbursed for company car expenses