On November 3, 2022, the DFC returned to Messe Essen after the pandemic had taken its toll. Around 50 presentations took place on five live stages, 11 workshops occurred, and 127 solution providers attended this cross-industry platform and network for managers and decision-makers. Approximately 30 percent of web visitors visited the site. The app generated over 2,750 contacts for networking and led during the event. The number of participants in 2019 was more than 2,700. According to the Organizer, Michael Mattis, the audience level took a lot of work to maintain at the last real event three years ago due to the changes in social attitudes over time and the uncertainty caused by Corona.

Nevertheless, he added, “I am optimistic, though, because we expect that soon, people will realize that in-person meetings, such as those held by user-expert groups, cannot be substituted for virtual meetings. Video conferences, for instance, can certainly be valuable and long-term tools for businesses. In contrast, reliable, useful suggestions come from direct conversations based on trust.”

During the November event, which took place, the focus was primarily on current topics, specifically PIM and business models that require innovation or a better understanding of the operating process. As part of this exhibition, we have demonstrated the capabilities of our platform by presenting an IDP solution developed on Nectarin. The platform had been designed to recognize invoices and bills based on AI automatically. The next edition will debut with a revised design concept on May 11, 2023, at the Rhein-Main exhibition center.