Security and compliance systems

Industrial Safety Management

The main goal of industrial safety is to prevent and/or minimize the consequences of accidents at hazardous production facilities. Achieving an acceptable level of emergency risks is possible when implementing a set of organizational and technical actions developed and implemented by enterprise. Increasing the reliability of systems that perform safety functions reduces the likelihood of accidents, and the use of systems that localize or mitigate dangerous impacts reduces the negative consequences of man-made incidents, accidents and disasters. The only condition is that all technological industrial safety systems and their components must always be in proper condition.

The Nectain DIY platform implements an integrated approach that allows you to build an effective system for monitoring and controlling the performance of software and hardware tools used at the enterprise in the circuit of its own industrial security system.

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Compliance control

Literally, compliance control is the control of the legality of the actions of the company, its employees and management. The result of incorrect behavior of company employees, management or contractors can be large financial losses for the business. In addition, the implementation of compliance measures will help to avoid penalties from regulatory authorities, and protect the interests of the company, investors, customers, employees in a disputable situation. Compliance risk management needs to be done continuously to avoid these losses

The Nectain DIY platform will allow you to independently develop and integrate compliance control attributes into all administrative processes of your enterprise, as well as into any document approval routes.

Features at a glance: