ISO 9001 Quality Management

The presence of a certificate of compliance with ISO 9001 requirements is proof of the competent management of the enterprise, confirmation that it produces quality products. A successful certification procedure for a company improves its reputation and serves as a significant advantage in the fight for market share with competitors.

The implementation of a quality management system requires the development of a set of business processes and the preparation of a large group of documents: regulations, rules and local regulations. With the help of Nectain DIY, the development, implementation and maintenance of a quality management system is greatly simplified, and most processes are automated. You can develop templates for procurement regulations, participation in tenders, and many other rules. Generate approval routes for primary and accompanying documents, automate business processes for quality control of products or services.

Warranty Management

Automate to take control of the warranty lifecycle

Warranty management is a complex, multifaceted process directly impacting the profitability of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), its dealer network, and supply chain partners.

Fragmented processes to handle warranty claims and recover money from suppliers hinders productivity, relationships, quality—and the bottom line.

With Nectain, automate and centralize processes to improve warranty management, while powering collaboration and visibility across everyone involved in the warranty claim lifecycle.


Features at a glance: