Marketing and sales management systems

Marketing Management

Marketing is the organization of production and marketing of products based on the study of market needs. Marketing allows you to understand what the market needs, and then determine how to give the market the right product, while maintaining the company’s competitiveness and making a good profit. The tasks of marketing are to determine what goods the company will produce, to whom and how to sell, and what price to set. Based on marketing data, effective areas of activity are determined and developed, and decisions are made to close unprofitable and unclaimed product lines.

With Nectain DIY, you can independently develop and implement a marketing business application that allows you to effectively manage the promotion of your company’s products in various markets.

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Presale Administration

In the context of a tough struggle for the consumer, stable profits can only be ensured by creating a competent and progressive sales management system. Typically, sales management processes are considered in three aspects: the formation and management of sales channels based on a targeted approach to the market, management of the sales department of the enterprise and customer relationship management. The Nectain DIY platform implements an integrated approach that allows you to independently build an effective presale administration system – a group of automated processes from controlling lead generation points and their conversion up to secondary (repeated) sales throughout the entire life cycle of a client.

Features at a glance: