HR management and procurement systems

HR administration

HR administration covers such segments as personnel records management and personnel accounting. This activity directly depends on the legislation of the country in which the organization operates and is controlled by public authorities, as well as public organizations (for example, industry trade unions). It is critically important for an enterprise to have accurate and reliable personnel data. Whereas compliance with the requirements of the legislation regarding local document flow and office work is considered by many enterprises as the cost of doing business in this territory of the residence.

All functional subsystems of the Nectain DIY platform are based on a key block for managing the organizational structure of the company, which allows any user authorized on behalf of the enterprise to create (add, edit, delete) lists of employees indicating their positions, structural divisions and others using accessible and convenient means.

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Procurement Administration

Procurement management in an enterprise is a key process in business, on which profit and profitability depend, and is a fundamental condition for the success of the entire business created. The most common management practice is through fair competitive bidding (auctions, tenders, requests for quotations, proposals, etc.). In order to purchase equipment, raw materials and components of the highest quality at the best price in a competitive environment, it is extremely important to minimize the time of administrative procedures without losing control at each stage of the passage of accompanying documents.

Nectain DIY will allow your business to automate as much as possible an organizational procurement strategy aimed at a measurable cumulative economic effect (cost reduction, satisfaction of demand for final products).

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