Environmental management system

To maintain its position in the business, an enterprise should take into account environmental requirements. This is especially important for exploiting new business opportunities and successful competition. Environmental management is part of the overall corporate governance system, which aims to achieve the provisions specified in the environmental policy through the implementation of environmental protection programs.

Environmental management implies a fundamentally new approach to management, in which it is required not only to calculate profits, but also environmental costs. Such modern requirements are caused by the inexorable deterioration of the environment. The need to solve environmental problems and the inevitability of the development, implementation and use of green technologies is obvious. Therefore, increasing environmental responsibility is a matter of time and a condition for the company’s survival in the market. The issues of environmental safety will now always be relevant and it is necessary to act in accordance with the new realities.

With the help of Nectain DIY, you will be able to independently build an environmental management system for your enterprise, develop the necessary set of documents and automate monitoring and control processes, as well as integrate with corporate quality management systems, labor protection and safety.

This will allow you to create a coherent system of interconnected structural elements: