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At Nectain DIY, we are inspired to help companies accelerate business transformation. To do this, we rely on our highly trained and certified network of partners to provide implementation and consulting services.

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Customer success management (CSM)

CSM is the real game changer. Customer success managers at Nectain DIY provide lifetime guidance for the successful use of DMS, BPM & PM technology. Unlike a classical support team, the functions of a CSM are not limited to resolution of temporary technical issues. The mission of the CSM is to constantly maintain communications with the customer and ensure that Nectain platform’s key modules or specific features are utilized best and to the fullest, and that the customer business goals are fully met.

As a consequence, relentlessly monitoring and managing the customer health is a key success factor for every CSM, as well as the need to deeply understand the drivers of value the customer gains from the solutions provided by the vendor. Without such deep and timely understanding of these two aspects of the customer, the CSM will not be able to act effectively.