Nectain is also the security of digital business transformation

The Nectaín platform brings together 20 years of experience in complex application development and data protection for corporate and government customers. Today, Nectain platform and cloud are capable of delivering today’s standards of application scalability and data privacy while providing simple and intuitive security management

Nectain Security Includes

Controls for Security

Features of Security Control

An identity and access management system

Accounting and auditing

Planning for contingencies

Response to incidents

Analyzing risks

Integrity and acquisition of systems

Protecting communications between systems

Authentication & Security Features of Nectain Cloud

Features of Enterprise Security

Supported Protocols include: OpenID, LDAP, Active Directory

Features for managing logins and passwords

Data center extension using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Security for the platform based on user roles, administration by delegation

Storage Protocol for Nectain

Managing tenancies and records

Segmenting of data

Segmentation of applications

Isolation between tenants

Complying with regulations

Monitored Continuously

Monitored 24x7x365

Constant monitoring of security threats

Notifications related to security

Effectiveness and health (strange choice of word health)

The speed of platform response

Dependability and availability

Auditing of compliance

An All-Encompassing Defense

Multi-layered security that applies a defensible approach to secure global infrastructure.


Firewalls for the network layer

Maintaining the integrity of the files

Tier-by-tier access controls

End-user connections protected by TLS


Nectain Cloud personnel works in different parts of the world

Requires a record check during the screening process

Intensive training in cloud security

Providing training on operating procedures regularly