Purchase Ordering Processing

Eliminate The Chaos From Purchase Requests And Increase Employee Satisfaction And Performance In The Organization

Reduce Paperwork, Save Time, and Get Things Done Faster

Automating purchase requests is the easiest way to streamline your operations and save time. When you use an automated purchase request system, you get a real-time notification when an order is placed so you can fill it out immediately.

Useful capabilities

  • Superior Workflow
  • Modern Forms
  • Process Mapping
  • Connectors
  • eSignature


Boost data accuracy

Digital processes deliver more precise data and make the purchase request process convenient.

Improve control

Multiple-level approvals make it possible for positions of authority to make swift and well-informed decisions

Save time

Less time is spent on the purchase request process, and more time is spent on customer service.

Reduce expensive purchase delays

An old manual purchasing request process can cause problems for your company. Projects are delayed, and clients lose their confidence in you. It's difficult to determine if you're getting the greatest deal from suppliers or overspending. It is hard to audit.

Send requests quickly to the right people

When you use a simple digital form to make a request, the request will be forwarded to the correct person based on the cost. With Nectain, the process can be accelerated without interruption from start to finish.

Business performance can be improved by using automated purchasing processes

To begin with, you need a complete process map. Compliance may be guaranteed from start to finish as a result of the use of Workflows. Use digital forms to capture purchase requests, make multi-level approvals according to budget, and make sure the right people authorize them. Establish incoming and present stock, identify bottlenecks before they affect cash flow, and sync with legacy systems to simplify inventory management. By using Nectain, you can reduce internal fraud risk and promote governance.

An Automation Solution For All Industries

While there are many different types of automation solutions available, they all share one common goal: to solve a specific problem in the industry. Regardless of where you are in the company or industry, the Nintex Process Low-Code Platform Nectain gives your team time and resources to complete your job. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Insurance and Finance

Better service by automating routine tasks such as account reconciliation or servicing payments faster.


Reduce errors and increase patient satisfaction by automating the ordering process or improving data collection on medication dispensing.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Improve purchasing, inventory management, and production planning to track costs, manage inventory levels, and ensure compliance with regulations more efficiently.

Public Sector

Streamlining workflow processes, reducing manual tasks, eliminating redundant work, increasing accuracy and visibility of streams, and improving security through encryption or biometrics technology.