Public administration

With Nectain DIY for the public sector automate the workflows and send timely responses when required to get your company to the next level.

CRM Solutions

Nectain DIY has a CRM that has all the development within it to streamline the already existing processes so that the people visiting the public offices get a positive experience in addition to fast services. The local platform of Nectain DIY gets the organizations the digital intelligence that their customers have always asked for.

Managing Sensitive Data

The key to this is to keep all the information in a single place so that the changes can be tracked. This includes but is not limited to:

Case Management Capabilities

Nectain DIY has the tools to manage requests and cases depending upon the type.

Omnichannel Communications

Use omnichannel communications with the best communication experience across different channels that are dedicated to staff, citizens, and partner organizations.

Project Management

This includes the tools that are used to start a project from scratch, set deadlines, manage costs and assign tasks to owners.

Human Resource Management

Keep all the information about the staff and the company in a single place:

Business Process Management

Nectain helps you in automating the core business processes

Enhanced Customer Services

Knowing your customers and providing the services that are in line with their needs and demands

Knowledge Management

It is important as it fosters the process of critical information retrieval.