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Rocket speed and cost-effective Low Code creation of products even in 10 weeks time and minimum budget.

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Go to market with your digital product 3-7x faster
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Low Code Development

Create business solutions promptly with a common visual language and integrated development environments for a broad range of developers.
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You don't need specialized knowledge to create scalable, resilient, and portable applications. With one click, you can deploy to our cloud
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Intelligence document processing

Construct aesthetically pleasing, context-sensitive smart applications across multiple touchpoints that provide a seamless user experience.

How we work?


Stage 1 - Initiation 1st - 2nd week

Just create a demo version so our experts can contact you by the contacts you left during the registration process or you can directly contact us at project@nectain.com


Stage 2 - Defining 2nd - 4th week

At the initiation meeting, we will determine the scope of your project and its requirements.


As a next step, our team will prepare complete technical requirements and design the pilot version together with your representatives.


After acceptance of the technical requirements and pilot functionality, we will define the full project scope and pricing.


The approximate pricing for 10 weeks is 30 000 EUR.


You can find the platform pricing on the Pricing page.


Stage 3 - Pilot to project 4th - 7th week

From Nectain's side, there will be a project manager who will collect your requirements and help you to understand our platform and an account manager who will be taking care of you and your satisfaction for the whole time.


Stage 4 - Delivery 7th - 10th week

  1. Term: 1 month. (equal to the duration of the Pilot period).
  2. Defined team for operational communication
  3. At least weekly sprint meetings (stand up's)

What our client say

"Nectain has revolutionized the way our team collaborates. The platform is easy to use and has streamlined our workflow. We couldn't be happier with our decision to switch to Nectain."

benefits of low code

Amanda P.

Marketing Manager

"The project management features on Nectain are top-notch. It has helped me to stay on track and meet deadlines consistently. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful project management tool."

benefits of low code

David L.

Chief Marketing Officer

"Nectain has been a game-changer for our remote team. With its robust communication and collaboration tools, we are able to work together seamlessly, no matter where we are in the world."

benefits of low code

Samantha K.

Digital Marketing Specialist

"Before Nectain, we were using a combination of different tools for project management, communication, and file sharing. Nectain has consolidated all of these features into one platform, which has saved us time and made us more productive."

benefits of low code

Emily L.

Product Marketing Manager

"Nectain has helped us to stay organized and on top of our tasks. The visual representation of our workflow is incredibly helpful, and the ability to assign tasks and set deadlines has made our team much more efficient."

benefits of low code

Kevin D.

Vice President of Technology

"We have been using Nectain for several months now and have been blown away by its capabilities. It has transformed the way we collaborate and has made our work life so much easier!"

benefits of low code

Adam J.

Chief Information Officer

"Nectain's intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy for even the most technologically challenged person to use. It has definitely made our work life easier!"

benefits of low code

Olivia N.

Content Marketing Manager

Nectain gives you a guarantee of your project completion in 10 weeks.

Go to market with your digital product 3-7x faster
‍and with 30-70% smaller budget

Document processing time was reduced by 80%
Costs for printing, delivery and storage of documents were reduced by 10 times
The probability of errors in the documents has decreased
The customer increased production efficiency and reduced costs

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