Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Integrate AI solutions for efficient and precise extraction of data from your business documents.

Rapid Setup

Deploy pre-trained AI models for speedy setup. For instance, set up intelligent recognition of invoices or receipts in just a few clicks.

Powerful Automation

Eliminate manual document processing in any workflow for improved productivity.

Accurate Extraction

IDP delivers the highest accuracy rates on adaptable AI platforms.

Machine Learning

Realize a quicker ROI by using AI that continually learns from human corrections.

ROI Calculator

Use our calculator to see the potential cost savings when automating document-centric processes. Enter some information about your current document processing needs and adjust the automation factor to estimate the amount of document processing you expect to automate, without any human intervention. Request a demo to learn more.


Average number of documents processed daily


Cost per one man-hour (in euro):


Time required to process one document (in minutes)


Automation factor (0 – 100%)

Quick Start with Nectain

Take advantage of our complimentary use-case validation and value assessment to evaluate if your use case is a good candidate for automation.

Efficiency, accuracy, and cost-savings with Nectain IDP.

ROI Calculator

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