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Key Platform Capabilities


Nectain enables handling terabytes of data and thousands of users simultaneously.

Supercharge development

Are you interested in innovative apps aimed at consumers and businesses that are scalable and can accommodate millions of users simultaneously? You can quickly create such applications using Nectain’s high-performance, low-code development platform.

BPMN 2.0. & DMN 1.1. Standards

Object Management Group (OMG®) released BPMN 2.0, an updated version of BPMN, to create an easily understandable framework for organizations. Nectain uses it and provides a bridge between the design of business processes and their execution. Users can accomplish this task more easily when a software diagram depicts the task.

The BPMN 2.0 model consists of graphical components representing the process’s various stages. There are two key elements: activities and events.

DMN Decision Engine Using Decision Model and Notation (DMN), a universal standard for decision modeling and automation, business stakeholders and IT teams can collaborate to develop business rules and automate business decisions using Nectain’s low-code platform.

IDP Intelligent Document Processing and OCR Optical character recognition

The solution Nectain is using in this case is Azure Document Recognition and Google. Therefore, Nectain expects continuous support. When necessary, Nectain uses the best solutions on the market to be your best product. Nectain makes it possible to automate data processing and use machines to recognize data such as invoices on their own and sort them accordingly, leaving humans more time for more important things.

No data modeling

Too many low-code solutions require you to model data before you know what you want to do with it. Forms are more about processing data than performing tasks. You may end up adding reactive automation logic to the application. When you build an application with Nectain, you can start by modeling the process from start to finish. Then you can figure out what data the process needs and model it. Then you can take the UI that we automatically create for you and customize it. This can really accelerate digital transformation – and we have numbers to prove it

Organizational structure

Such a mechanism is crucial for corporate workflows, especially when permissions relate to departments or roles within departments involved in the process. People can change in a department, but the position’s function remains unchanged.

All-in-one application

Using Nectain, you can build your entire application very quickly, most low-code solutions come in the form of “suites,” which simply means “design forms using this tool, use another tool to create reports, and a fourth tool for automating logic.”

Nectain provides a single studio for building your whole solution, and you can construct, view, analyze, and change each element from one location.

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