Automate industry and office workflow with low-code and a maximum degree of freedom

Nectain is a platform that is organized on DIY (Do It Yourself) principles. Allowing users to easily design and build their own solutions and processes without extensive coding knowledge using Low-code tools

We aim for close cooperation

With the Nectain low-code platform, we enable our partners to develop business applications and automation solutions for their clients.
Our team is ready to help you achieve the desired result of your customer and provide you with automation elements for the subsequent implementation of the created application to the client.

For independent consultants

The work of independent consultants is always limited by the hours that he has worked for the customer, his own competencies and capabilities provided to him by the vendor or other subcontractors whom the consultant invites to the project.

The problem becomes the stability of the cash flow, the constancy of the team that implements the project and the favor of the vendor to refine or modify the product to the needs of the customer.

These factors greatly affect the efficiency of the consultant himself, as well as his reputational risks.

We offer you a solution to all of the above problems and become your team that works to solve the problems set by your clients.

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One platform

Any enterprise applications, any forms documents, any business workflows

Building an application in just a few clicks is easy and straightforward if you define Nectain DIY a single source of reliable information, as an environment (Work OS) for effective interaction between your employees and all company counterparts. The solutions are native, accessible and work reliably. Flexible and polyfunctional capabilities ensure the platform’s unique core and JavaScript plugins. Business workflow management provides engine Camunda.

Welcome to world efficient solutions
for front & back office

Freedom to own your automation:

Why Nectain?

Nectain DIY implements a global optimization logic based on the practicality of personnel activities

Your business is our care. Genuine care

Nectain DIY automates over 90% of back&middle office processes and procedures.

Low-code platform

Automation of processes is carried out by independently no code creating your own business applications on Nectain DIY.

Enterprise orchestration

All computer systems of the enterprise have their own data tuples, directories and processes, which with the help of Nectain DIY can work synchronously and smoothly like a large symphony orchestra.

Pay only for what you need

Nectain DIY seeks, finds and implements opportunities to avoid unnecessary costs caused by not the most effective actions of the staff of your company.

When and who needs it

Important and key business processes available for automation on Nectain DIY

Small and medium-size business

Educational, Design and R&D centers

Enterprises & service companies

Public authorities

Reasons for using Nectain low-code platform

User benefits – practicality and business value


Accelerate digital innovation and transformation

Studies have shown that 89% of all organizations are in the process of adoption of an all-digital business plan. Nectain DIY ensure to give you complete set tools and technology helping you accelerate digital transformation.


Reduce dependency on hard-to-hire technical skill

According to Harvard Business Review employers reduced degree requirements for 46% of middle-skill positions and 31% of high-skill positions. Nectain DIY ideally fits into this trend and allows you not to reduce business results at the same time.

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Escape legacy debts

Per McKinsey survey, companies estimated tech debt amounts 20-40 % of the value of their entire technology estate. Multiple point solutions lead to the accumulation of technical debt over time. Nectain DIY approach with a low code solution has a single technology stack that reduces the technology burden and aids innovation by rapidly developing applications.

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Reduce current IT backlog and increase responsiveness

According to Cisco research, over 70% of small businesses are speeding up their digital transitions. Nectain DIY is possibility 17x accelerated application development and accelerated customer response times by 9x.

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Enable citizen developers to improve internal processes

According to Capgemini, 77% of businesses see a lack of digital skills as a major roadblock to their digital transformation. But if you use Nectain low-code platform you will can build apps 10x faster and increase your business developers and IT collaboration.

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Protect against technological churn

This refers to the cycle of replacing existing products, methods, programming languages, etc. with newer ones. Nestain DIY makes it possible to build a single information environment regardless of historical software and provides a 50% reduction in development costs.

Recommended user competencies

Key skills and competencies for working with Nectain DIY

Executive Level Users / Decision Makers

Project office staff


IT Specialists

Our clients


Blog Posts

what is ecm solution

Enterprise content management is a complete process that manages the lifecycle of the organization’s documents or content to be precise. It includes documents, spreadsheets, contracts, and scanned images. This process aims to ensure that the risk is eliminated by reducing the paperwork. It also increases productivity and process visibility is enhanced to a great extent.

BPM is not a one-time gig as it provides a framework for the development of the processes in the future as well. Not only the creation but business processes are also improved to a great extent with the use of this program.

This year’s Topsoft Fachmesse took place in Spreitbach at the Umwelt Arena. At this traditional exhibition, the attendees had the