Nectain and Camunda

Camunda (Community edition) is an open, high-performance platform for automating business processes and decision making. It includes tools for creating process and decision models, as well as a powerful engine for executing configured processes and decisions. Camunda provides full support for Process Specification (BPMN™), Case Management (CMMN™), and Decision Modeling (DMN™). Camunda offers high levels of scalability, performance, and reliability.

However, Camunda is a platform for professional developers and to use its full potential, one needs to be a programmer. That’s why we fully integrated the Camunda platform into the Low-code platform Nectain, which allowed us to offer our clients a unique Low-code solution that combines high reliability and performance, full support for standards, and all the benefits of the Low-code concept.

Main modules of Camunda integrated into the Low-code platform Nectain

Camunda Modeler

A user-friendly module for editing BPMN process diagrams, CMMN diagrams, and DMN decision tables. Complex processes are tough to grasp without a clear diagram. Camunda Modeler uses visual BPMN, DMN, and CMMN languages so technical and non-technical stakeholders can collaborate and design.

Workflow Engine

A reliable and lightweight core for executing dozens of processes per second. High performance: high throughput, cluster readiness, and scalability with a very lightweight (less than 3 MB) BPMN and CMMN process model execution mechanism.

Decision Engine

A high-performance module for processing and calculating DMN decision tables. Fully integrated with the Workflow Engine.

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