Nectain 42 (27.04.2023)

New features:

  • Attributes: Added implementation of the Chat component, replacing document discussions.
  • Import Module: Support for importing files, signatures, and hyperlinks.
  • Webmail Module: WebMail module packages have been moved to the Scriptum repository, allowing them to be used independently with DocNet, Scriptum, or both.
  • Attributes: New display mode for dictionary values as a group of radio buttons.
  • AI Module: Added a test version of an AI assistant for script form writing.


  • Attributes: Comprehensive fix for the “Read-only” mode.
  • Forms: Added handling of document access loss or assignment.
  • Advanced Document Handling Module: Support for file signing using “Cloud Signature.”
  • Multitenancy: Added the ability to import files in tenant environments when deploying example packages.
  • Attributes: Opening entities that use an attribute.
  • User Interface: Renamed “Edit” menu items to “Open.”
  • Attributes: Added the ability to open a form in view mode if there is no edit access to a tabular attribute.
  • Integration: Added support for Content-Type: application/xml in External APIs.
  • Multitenancy: Added localization for tenant initialization form.
  • Scripts: Added the ability to add participants of “Administration Subjects” type roles using the addParticipant method.
  • User Interface: Added headers for import templates.
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Module: Enhanced document recognition subsystem for more reliable date and number recognition and return.

Bug Fixes:

  • Process Automation: Fixed notification sending for suspended processes.
  • Integration: Fixed attribute exchange parameters for “Document Attachments” attribute type.
  • Attributes: Fixed attribute blocking on the task form after clearing/changing the “Assignee” field.
  • QR and Barcode Module: Fixed localization of stamp settings.