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Low-code means low costs

The low-code dream

Low-code is slowly becoming the new best way to create both simple and complex applications it’s main advantage is speed, low amount of workforce required and minimal amount of maintenance and dependence on IT experts.

It gives you the opportunity to completely own your application and be flexible with adopting to the changing technological market requirements.

Nectain prevents you from neck pain

Reduce the amount of neck pain with Nectain’s low code application builder as it saves your time and money on creating something that was already created before.


Artifitial Inteligence and machine learning

Make your application even smarter with the help of Google, AWS and Azure artificial inteligence platforms. Process massive amount of data that will help you to make better decisions


Business process management

Increase efficiency and quality in your team and smoothen the processes between different departments, clients and business partners with Nectain’s Business Process Management module


Workflow management and collaboration

Nectain platform gives you the ability to optimise complex processes within different industries and provides you with a toolset for a collaborative team work.


Robotic Process Automation

Become more productive and automate redundant tasks into a single process and in integrated workflow. Simplifying a complex business logic and automating data exchange with other softwares using API standart.


Smart document processing

Save your time and decrease amount of manual work when dealing with document processing tasks. Increasing accuracy and eliminating mistakes.

Develop and deliver with low-code

Low- code development allows you to quickly create enterprise applications with good user experience and interface.

Integrate different departments, technologies and data systems into a single environment that fits your company and improves your business results.

  • Build applications faster
  • Develop applications customised for your needs
  • Choose between cloud and on-premise solution
  • Be on top of all the processes
  • Combine all your tools  and applications into one master platform
  • Use cutting edge technologies to help you to do better decisions
  • Deliver real impact that matters to your industry.

All that is possible with Nectain Low-code platform.

Reasons for using Nectain low-code platform

User benefits – practicality and business value


Accelerate digital innovation and transformation

Studies have shown that 89% of all organizations are in the process of adoption of an all-digital business plan. Nectain DIY ensure to give you complete set tools and technology helping you accelerate digital transformation.


Reduce dependency on hard-to-hire technical skill

According to Harvard Business Review employers reduced degree requirements for 46% of middle-skill positions and 31% of high-skill positions. Nectain DIY ideally fits into this trend and allows you not to reduce business results at the same time.

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Escape legacy debts

Per McKinsey survey, companies estimated tech debt amounts 20-40 % of the value of their entire technology estate. Multiple point solutions lead to the accumulation of technical debt over time. Nectain DIY approach with a low code solution has a single technology stack that reduces the technology burden and aids innovation by rapidly developing applications.

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Reduce current IT backlog and increase responsiveness

According to Cisco research, over 70% of small businesses are speeding up their digital transitions. Nectain DIY is possibility 17x accelerated application development and accelerated customer response times by 9x.

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Enable citizen developers to improve internal processes

According to Capgemini, 77% of businesses see a lack of digital skills as a major roadblock to their digital transformation. But if you use Nectain low-code platform you will can build apps 10x faster and increase your business developers and IT collaboration.

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Protect against technological churn

This refers to the cycle of replacing existing products, methods, programming languages, etc. with newer ones. Nestain DIY makes it possible to build a single information environment regardless of historical software and provides a 50% reduction in development costs.