Insurance and Finance

In the financial and insurance services sector Low-code Nectain DIY platform is designed to accelerate business processes and optimize the customer journey.

PASS environment procure management the complete customer journey and streamlining front-office processes to elevate experience of retail and corporate clients.

Streamline retail and corporate financial and insurance services through effective lead and opportunity management.

Customer Journey Map

Manage the complete customer journey and streamline front and middle-office processes to elevate experience of retail and corporate clients

Unified client base

Effective Nectain DIY tools allow you to create and develop a single database of existing and potential customers to record contact information, interaction histories, customer requests and products. A better understanding of customers makes it possible to provide them with the best service.

Profile completeness

With the help of Nectain DIY, the Manager can easily identify significant clients who are missing important details, and the supervisor can quickly assess the completeness of the profile and make sure that the database contains all the necessary information. In case of gaps in information, the platform allows you to send a request to fill in the missing data.

Segmentation of legal entities and individuals

Nectain DIY allows you to segment customers to improve communication and build stronger relationships. To group customers based on socio-demographic data, identify the most promising customers and their categories, and capture competitors’ customers.

You can create a group of high-yielding clients and personalize the interaction strategy for each of them.

Interactions and communication history

Nectain DIY allows you to track every interaction with an account or contact, including appointments and calls, contracts, and products used. This will help you build relationships with your customers based on the full history of your communications. Complete customer data at your fingertips and essential to provide the best customer experience.

Data enrichment through social media

You can search for customers on Facebook or Twitter with special integration solutions (like Mautic) and complement their profiles data from social networks. This will allow you to receive various information about contacts and companies from social networks with one click.

Online verification of new clients

The platform allows you to accept applications online. A new client can register himself in the system, enter his data and download documents. After submitting an application, the data on the client can also be automatically checked in all necessary registries and databases. If the client has a Mobile ID, EDS, or BankID, then he can also go through the verification procedure online.

Opening a bank account and ordering cards can happen automatically.

Client database analytics

With CRM tools, you can control and improve processes by analyzing your customer base. A thorough analysis allows you to look at your customer database from a different angle in order to measure the effectiveness of customer interactions, identify the best customers and track changes in their behavior. Customize dashboards to suit your needs for accurate insights.

Consultation processes

It is very important to provide clients with competent and accurate consulting services. This is possible if you independently and without programming prepare and automate consulting processes. It is enough to choose the right process depending on the goals and preferences of the client in order to get the most out of your communication. It is also possible to automate the processing of customer requests and track the status and timing of requests to optimize service processes.


Use PaaS Nectain DIY to easily automate and manage omnichannel-marketing campaigns


Management omnichannel marketing campaigns

Segmentation of your audience by various criteria and attracting customers with personalized offers in the right channel at the right time. Website tracking to get a deeper understanding of your customers' behavior and needs. Using low-code-driven analytics to rating the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


Lead generation

Nectain DIY allows you to independently set up and manage all your leads and landing pages that are used to generate them. It is easy to create custom registration forms and use the data from the forms to automatically fill in the relevant fields on the main page. Automatic data verification, creation of a new contact and other components of the lead management process are also available

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Tracking leads sources

Tactical adjustment of lead source tracking settings to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of the communication channels used in your marketing campaigns. Available special integration solutions (like Mautic) helps track the entire history of site visits through lead generation channels and sources. All information is collected in lead records, and is also available in dashboards for easy analysis.

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Planning and managing all events is independently and easily accessible: promotions, advertising campaigns, conferences, webinars and other offline and online events. Nectain DIY allows you to track dates and locations, segment the target audience according to the necessary criteria, plan a budget and assign a team, as well as track feedback related to the event.

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A unified window for demand generation

The platform allows you to automate your lead management activities in a single environment, which allows you to access the maximum amount of information about the needs and preferences of existing and potential customers and at the same time track the sources of leads.

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Lead distribution

Once the qualification process has been completed, it is important to assign leads to the right people and teams. Marketing Nectain DIY can help distribute the leads based on the prospect’s needs or profile (geography, industry, financial status). If the lead was not qualified for sales, it can be assigned to lead nurturing campaigns.

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Campaign no-code design

Create efficient multichannel campaigns with Nectain DIY. Setup communication chains using the simple visual campaign designer, define conditions for transition between stages and monitor progress. The system allows setting up criteria for successful conversions, as well modifying campaign flow in real time.

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Trigger and one-time campaigns

Convenient marketing tools help you maintain an ongoing dialogue with your potential customers and create various types of marketing campaigns. One-time campaigns can be set up manually. Trigger campaigns can run as soon as a customer fills out a web form on your site (or another trigger event occurs). You can also launch triggered campaigns according to predefined scenarios and through various communication channels. Nectain DIY allows automatically generating target audiences for campaigns and constantly updating them.


Unified products catalog

Regardless of the complexity and size of your bank or insurance company’s portfolio of products and services, they can be developed and stored in Nectanin DIY. An unlimited number of parameters can correspond to each product: interest rates, terms, repayment schedules and many others.

Corporate relationship structure

Using the convenient platform tools, you can independently create, track and analyze the structures of corporate relations on a visual diagram. Tracking such structures and histories of relationships for each company or the entire group is complemented by the ability to edit relationships between companies, their suppliers, distributors and partners directly in the visual scheme. Based on these relationship maps, it is possible to develop more reliable channels of communication and collaboration with clients, leading to better decisions about future strategies.

Tasks and calendar

An important feature of Nectain DIY is the ability to operationally plan your work, tasks and meetings in your calendar. You can create personal or group tasks related to contacts, opportunities, or documents. It works simply – get notifications and reminders in the notification bar.

Process library

Sales efficiency directly depends on the level of automation of internal processes – from the coordination of documents to complex projects involving several teams. Nectain DIY allows you to use out-of-the-box best practices, modify them or create new ones according to the unique needs of your bank or insurance company. Their storage in a special process library allows you to quickly activate any business process, depending on the current circumstances of the transaction.

Out-of-the-box sales process

For complex sales cycles, with the help of BPMN modeling tools, you can independently and quickly change or create newly specialized business processes, taking into account industry sales best practices, which greatly increases the chances of a sales manager to successfully close each transaction. At each stage, Nectain DIY suggests the necessary steps to organize and simplify daily routine operations.


Use PaaS Nectain DIY…. of banking and insurance services

Unified list of loans

To ensure high-quality customer service, it is possible to organize the lending process, including setting them up depending on the type of loan provided: consumer loans, car loans, mortgages. With dedicated monitoring tools, you can track a step in the process or move quickly to another step.

Deal terms

Creating and entering credit conditions is an important step in registering a loan application. With the help of DMS tools, you can create terms in one click based on the specified characteristics of the selected product in the current application. Nectain DIY will offer you limit ranges and acceptable values for each parameter in order to minimize operational risks, and set the desired values at the first stage of loan processing.

Lending Participants

With the help of DMS tools, it is possible to no-code develop and use as attachments to a loan application information about the participants in a loan transaction – the borrower and contact persons, co-borrower, guarantors, etc. Such data is downloaded and recorded in special forms. Nectain DIY allows you to store all the necessary information about the client: personal data, employment data, addresses, financial information about income and expenses, current loan obligations, property ownership.

Collateral management

On your own you can define a set of documents required for the loan, depending on the product. All the necessary documents, such as a loan agreement, pledge agreement, guarantee agreement, notices and others, are generated automatically by customizable templates. Nectain DIY enables you to flexibly configure the list of all required documents for each stage of the loan process, and monitor the mandatory availability of the requested documents in the application form.

Loan Registration in Core Banking System

Nektein’s integration capabilities allow you to synchronize with CBS and automatically transfer information at any stage of the loan process. Simultaneously receive details, payment schedules and other data necessary for servicing the loan.

Verification processes

Minimization of the risks of loan default is carried out by checking the data in the application. Nektein DIY allows you to create a simple and convenient checklist of necessary verification actions, set the appropriate choice of roles, set up parallel and sequential versions of verifications and actions that are performed when considering and approving an application.
Established simple process steps really improve the quality of decision-making by the verifier by setting the context for each verification action: files with regulations and rules for performing verification actions, links to useful resources, conversation scripts, etc. The checklist will help your employees carefully and convincingly choose the result of the verification .

Single Verifier Desktop

It makes sense to equip agents with a unified tool to manage their daily tasks in a pre-configured desktop interface that allows them to easily manage request queues, perform mass communication, share information, and monitor their own performance.

Underwriting processes

The underwriter can follow the final approval of loan applications: all the necessary information needed to make a decision on the application is displayed on one page. After analyzing the initial data, the underwriter can approve, postpone, reject the application or change the final terms of financing.