High Performance Low-Code

Empower Your Team with a High-Performance Low-Code Platform

When we talk about scalability and performance of any software platform, first of all, we should mention the experience and those high-load solutions that have been actually implemented on this platform. After all, you can’t create a high-performance platform “on paper”. A huge number of nuances, which only show up in real operation and under real, not artificial, high load, while processing truly large amounts of data, are capable of destroying any, even the most beautiful theoretical concept. Unfortunately, there is no ready-made “magic technology” in this issue, you can’t just take some database or application server and be calm, they will all do it for me. No, they won’t. What worked perfectly for 50 users suddenly stops working for 2000 users. Is this familiar to you?

The Nectain team has been working in the high-load system market for over 25 years and during this time we have implemented no less than 20 similar projects. All of them are implemented on the Nectain platform and use one of the databases supported by us (PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle) as the database. We have gone through all the stages, from despair to satisfaction and recognition. At the moment, almost all of our high-load projects continue to operate in industrial mode. Among them are projects in which:

Every day, more than 50,000 users work with the system (the real estate registry of Ukraine)

Every day, data with a size exceeding 100 terabytes is processed (the center of criminalistics expertise of Ukraine)

Every day, several thousand independent documents are registered and processed, and more than 10,000 users work simultaneously (the general prosecution of Ukraine)

And they all run on our platform.

For specialists, we provide several screenshots below that demonstrate the operation of the Nectain platform under high load.

About 275 requests per second:

About 75 requests per second:

About 60 requests per second:

Now we offer you all our experience, encapsulated in the low-code Nectain platform.