Helpdesk and Ticketing

Automate the hardware and software request process to reduce the workload on the IT department.

Make sure your staff has everything it requires

Today IT departments are expected to take on more tasks with a steadily decreasing amount of resources and staff. Wasting Time on manually tracking hardware and software and looking for permissions is no longer an option.  Now, an automated process can control provisioning, monitor hardware and software assets, stop them from disappearing, and guarantee that your staff has everything it needs to perform its duties.


  • Superior Workflow
  • Modern Forms
  • Process Mapping
  • Connectors


Increase productivity

Giving employees control reduces uncertainty and stress and gives them a sense of empowerment.

Maintain compliance

Lower the risk and the consequences of noncompliance and guarantee positive vendor relations by making certain you comply with licensing agreements.

Increase Understanding

Keep an eye on who and how is using your hardware and software resources.

Allow staff to request the tools they need

When you use Nintex Nectain to map and automate your asset request and approval process, your IT personnel won't need to get involved until the software or hardware is prepared for the purchase. Once acquired, the equipment may be automatically tracked and recorded, saving your staff from having to worry about another time-consuming chore.

Automated, accelerated, and streamlined provisioning

Requests are automatically forwarded for evaluation and approval, and availability is verified. Then, either a purchase request is sent, or existing resources or licenses are assigned and used. All with the fastest possible speed and with the least amount of effort for the IT professionals.

Eliminate any ambiguity in licensing

Keep track of your software licenses easily to make sure your installs don’t go over your limits. Schedule workflows to keep track of software updates, resource usage, and warranty expiration. Automatically assign hardware resources and licenses among multiple users.