The Nectain is ready for the GDPR

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Personal data serves as both the modern economy’s currency and fuel. It has a tremendous, continuously rising value, and how its use also evolves with new technological advancements. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) marked the most significant change in personal data protection in 20 years.

The new rules will be homogeneous for the millions of businesses that handle personal data in the European Union. They will involve several new legal obligations. These include direct corporate responsibility for the information used, the need to stock and record it, and also the duty to report violations.

In actuality, the changes will impact many data-related processes. To record and manage this element of the company’s operations, it is essential to modify processing methods and incorporate IT systems.

Nectain introduced new features to help organizations keep up with the latest requirements. This is to address the problems that the GDPR poses to admins when it comes to personal data:

Identification of procedures that serve as personal data dictionaries.

Examples are contact person or applicant cards. This is to enable:

management of personal data access that is open and transparent

effective editing of personal data (the right to rectify data)

personal data deletion and pseudonymization (the "right to be forgotten")

Defining fields that contain sensitive data to permit

separating sensitive data visibility rules ( Privacy by Design)

Personal data pseudonymization and deletion based on a dictionary from a third-party system to allow

deletion or anonymization of personal data based on information sources created using external systems such as ERP and CRM.