Automation of primary documentation processing in energetic








DTEK is the largest private operator in the energy sector of Ukraine. The company serves more than 1.2 million customers.

The Company transmits more than 8.9 billion kWh of electricity per year. It has dozens of regional divisions, more than 50,000 employees, and thousands of contractors.

* The company works with three main types of documents:*

Documents created by employees of the customer’s departments in ERP, printed, signed, and with a “wet” seal;

Documents created by employees of the customer’s departments in ERP and signed by EDS;

Paper documents received from contractors that are not in the company’s accounting systems.



Implemented automation systems do not meet all the company’s needs for document control and processing.


The part of the exchange of primary documentation with contractors remains “digitized.”


Partly documents are created in ERP and other enterprise systems, partly on paper.



Automate and switch “paper” processes into electronic format


Integrate Nectain with the systems implemented in the company


After implementing Nectain, contractors’ paper documents are automatically scanned, the necessary attributes are added to them, and they are sent for control in electronic format.

Integration with the ERP system was implemented to facilitate the work of operators. When scanning, the system recognizes the text of the document.

Information about the document and the document itself from ERP enters the Nectain, where the document card is automatically created and filled out. After that, the document is automatically sent to the control department.

The control department has the opportunity to monitor the completeness of the package that was provided with the document.

When errors in documents are detected, the "owner" of the document automatically receives messages about the need to finalize it.

Controllers have the ability to create service documents directly on the card of the document to which they belong using pre-configured templates.

A separate integration with the company's ERP was implemented for the accounting and tax processing departments, which allowed linking the document created in the Nectain system with the documents stored in the ERP.

The customer has the opportunity to control the quality of work of all employees involved in the data processing process. Scriptim records all actions of employees while working with documents.


Document processing time was reduced by 80%
Costs for printing, delivery and storage of documents were reduced by 10 times
The probability of errors in the documents has decreased
The customer increased production efficiency and reduced costs
Number of users 800+
120 000 EURO = project budget – Nectain implementation
800 000 EURO ~ estimated project budget SAP upgrade

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