Document Repository and DMS

Nectain.Repository: The Efficient Document Management System

Nectain a document management system called Repository enables users to generate, approve, and even archive documents in an effective, managed, and secure manner. Additionally, it may handle electronic archives across a range of entities, including businesses and governmental institutions.

Every step of the procedure is automated by the system. A document can be stored after being created as a template and a draft (the system has the ability to use an electronic signature).

Functions of a Document Management System

Enables users to create a folder (directory) structure with unlimited levels of hierarchy

Supports document and directory access level configuration

Ensures that only authorized people access the system together with the corporate archive

Allows the storage of large file sizes

The system can easily meet complex regulatory requirements

Nectain.Repository helps organizations improve efficiency even when there are multiple users working on the same document. It also allows users to easily search for a document based on its content and attributes.

The system has an intuitive and flexible interface, making it easier for your staff to use and maintain it. You don’t need to hire an external developer.

Businesses can easily integrate the repository with other software. This creates a unified source of information for the business.

Important Features of Nectain.Repository

Supports multiple database management systems, including MS SQL Server and Oracle, among others

Allows multiple users to collaborate on a document

Email functionality that makes it easier to contact clients

Supports Linux/Unix and OS Windows for servers and end users

Supports OnlyOffice and LibreOffice

Integrates with other third-party information systems

Has customizable group and personal notifications

Quality data and regulations are combined in one platform for higher efficiency

Key Functionalities

Sets up roles of each user and customizes user access to the document features

Allows multiple users to collaborate on a document

Supports OCR and document scanning

Upgrades documents to their newest versions

Compatible with Microsoft word documents

Users can search documents based on their content and attributes