Invoice Approving.

Solution is designed to automate the process of reconciliation and approval of invoices

Process invoice approving include next steps:

  1. Create a document with document type Invoice.
  2. Specify the Invoice subject.
  3. Add the invoice as an attachment.
  4. Transfer the item name, amount of items, price and currency to the Invoice document.
  1. Click the Send for approval button.
  2. Process will automatically create tasks for all the staff units assigned to the Approver document role.
  1. Approvers close their tasks.
  2. Approve – the invoice is approved.
  3. Reject – the invoice is rejected.
  1. The Invoice State is automatically updated based on the approvers decisions.
  2. If all approvers approved the invoice, the Invoice state will be Confirmed.
  3. If at least one of the approvers reject the invoice, the Invoice state will be Canceled.
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