Helpdesk for internal support.

Solution is designed to automate the process problem reporting in an organization

Process problem reporting in an organization include next steps:

  1. Create a document with document type Problem.
  2. Specify the Problem subject.
  3. Add a full description of the Problem.
  4. Add attachments that can help describe the Problem.
  5. Choose the application the document is related to.
  6. Choose the Class of the Problem.
  7. Problem – a regular problem with minimal impact on the application.
  8. Breaker – an outstanding problem with high impact on the application.
  9. Nice to have – a missing functionality.


  1. Click the Report issue button.
  2. Process will automatically create a task for a Support agent or QA engineer based on the Class of the Problem.
  3. Problem & Breaker – task for a Support agent.
  4. Nice to have – task for a QA engineer.


  1. Support agent or QA engineer closes the task.
  2. Complete – the task is completed.
  3. Reject – the task is rejected.


  1. The Problem State is automatically updated based on the task complete action.
  2. Complete – Solved
  3. Reject – Rejected
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