Automation of bank customer service processes


Bank Ukrainian Capital AT






Bank Ukrainian Capital AT has been operating since 1992. Provides all types of banking services, and has departments in 8 regions of Ukraine.

The bank partially automated business processes and implemented the ABS (automated banking system).



The process of collecting and verifying data of new contractors is not automated, operators enter them into the system manually. The client must be present in person.


It is not possible to store all customer data and history in the ABS implemented in the bank. Legal files and scanned copies of documents are signed manually and stored in archives on paper.


The verification of new customer data in UBKI, debtors’ databases, and other registers was not automated.


The speed of customer service is extremely low.



Speed ​​up service and be able to serve the customer remotely


Automate the process of receiving applications from new customers, improve the quality of service


After the implementation of Nectain, the processes of receiving and processing applications, verification of customer data, and document generation were automated.

After applying, the customer data is automatically checked in all necessary registers and databases. A PDF with a client questionnaire is generated in the ABS.

Because of the implementation of Nectain, customers have the opportunity to register in the bank’s online system.

Processing applications from clients, data verification and document generation were automated.


Applications can now be accepted online. The new client can register in the system, enter their data and download document scans.

If the customer has a Mobile ID, EDS, or BankID, he can go through the online verification procedure.

Customer service has accelerated several times.

The bank’s client’s office is integrated with external systems: NBU, ABS, YouScore, BankID, ODB, UBKI, alimony debtors database, and so on.

Opening an account in ABS and ordering cards in IsCard is automatic.

1. of Users: 10 000+
90 000 EURO = project implementation budget

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