Automation of HR management
processes in the bank

PIN Bank​

PINbank- a bank with more than 20 years of history. Provides all types of banking services. Member of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund since 2000. PINbank is represented by 34 departments in 11 regions of Ukraine.



The bank already had an automated personnel management system. It stored data on employees, but it was not integrated with the accounting systems of other departments.


Management of employment and dismissal, vacations, and business trips took a long time. These processes were coordinated by e-mail or paper documents.


Long and inefficient process of agreeing on a business trip budget. Due to this, the cost of buying tickets and booking hotels increased.


The routine process of compiling a business trip report took a lot of time, and it was easy to lose reporting documents.


Automate and switch

Automate and switch "paper" HR processes to electronic format

Automate the business

Automate the business process of staff travel


Integrate Nectain with the existing stuff management system


After the implementation of Nectain, the automated processes of employment and dismissal, approval, and processing of business trips take place as integral business processes – from application and approval, to request and report to the finance department.

Integration of the internal document management system with the stuff management and accounting systems of the enterprise.

Collection of all data on employees in a single database, which is integrated with the accounting systems of all departments of the enterprise.

Automatically creation a business trip request and its confirmation.

Automatically generation a business trip report. The system allows to create and coordinate reports on group business trips within a single application.

The Financial Control Department has the ability to monitor the completeness of the report submitted with the document in real time.

Automatic notifications of budget approval - simultaneously to all participants in the approval process.

Automatic notification of the administrative department about the timing of tickets and hotel reservations.


The efficiency of the personnel department has increased. Personnel management processes are faster, employee loyalty has increased.

75% less time is spent on employment and dismissal processes, granting vacations, and arranging business trips. Reduced time for compensation and payments.

60% of HR processes are translated into electronic format.

of Users: 1 500+ 50 000 EURO = project implementation budget