4. Common dictionaries

4.1 Territorial

By default the system has a certain number of system directories that you can use when configuring document types The administrator can add entries to directories if necessary In the Territorial folder the Common dictionaries section of the desktop contains the following reference books Regions the ...

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4.2 Subjects

The Subjects folder of the Common dictionaries desktop contains the following directories External organizations list of external organizations Fig 4 2 1 External organizations Employees of external organizations a list of employees of external organizations linked to external organizations and exte ...

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4.3 Miscellaneous

The Miscellaneous folder on the Common Directories desktop contains the following directories Currencies list of world currencies Fig 4 3 1 Currencies Language List list of world languages Fig 4 3 2 Language List Classifiers a list of system classifiers see Classifiers Fig 4 3 3 Classifiers Standard ...

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