2. Studio

2.1. User Interface

2.1.1 Desktops

The system allows you to edit existing desktops and create new ones To view existing desktops open the Studio desktop the Interface folder and the Desktops shortcut Fig 2 1 1 1 Desktops Please note that when editing existing desktops after updating the system the settings may be reset To create a ne ...

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2.1.3 UI theme and logo

The system allows you to choose different interface themes and set logos for the authentication page and sidebar with shortcuts To change the settings open the Studio desktop the Interface folder and the Interface Theme and Logo shortcut Make changes to the corresponding fields upload logos and clic ...

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2.1.5 Calendars

The system allows you to create calendars with custom settings for displaying events Events can be values of the Date attribute type from documents or manual events created by users To set up calendars open the Studio desktop the Interface folder and the Calendars shortcut The Calendar shortcut in t ...

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2.10. Settings Packages

2.10.1 Settings Packages

Objects are exported using configuration packages To create a package in the Studio desktop select the Settings Packages folder then Settings Packages and click Add Fig 2 10 1 1 Settings packages You must fill in the fields described in the table Fig 2 10 1 2 Creating a Settings Package Table Creati ...

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2.10.2 Import settings

To import settings you need to go to the Administration desktop select the Migrations shortcut then Import settings click the Add button Fig 2 10 2 1 Import settings In the form that opens select the file with the settings Fig 2 10 2 2 File Selection After opening the file the system will automatica ...

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2.2. Document types

2.2 Introduction to Document types

Document type a basic element of the System containing a set of attributes necessary for the formation of documents in the System a list of roles involved in document processing a list of states that a document can take in the process of processing a description of the screen and print form of the d ...

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2.2.1 Main

In the Main block general information about the document is filled in consisting of the fields presented in Table Fig 2 2 1 1 Main tab of document type Table Document type Main Field name Description Code Unique document identifier Text field Name The display name of the document type Description Br ...

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2.2.2 Roles

The administrator can create new roles and use them when creating the document type The creation of a new role is described in the Reference of Roles section For a document you can add all possible roles from the role directory Providing the ability to work with this type of document is carried out ...

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2.2.3 States

For a document you can add all possible states from the state directory State is a characteristic of a document that reflects the results of passing through a certain stage of processing A change in the state of a document occurs when it goes through one of the stages of processing Fig 2 2 3 1 Docum ...

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2.2.4 Processes

For each document type you can set up a list of running processes that are elements of BPMN 2 0 To add processes you must click the Add process button and fill in the fields of the form that opens Fig 2 2 4 1 Parameters for adding processes In the form that appears fill in the fields described in th ...

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