By default, the system has a certain number of system directories that you can use when configuring document types. The administrator can add entries to directories if necessary.

In the Territorial folder the "Common dictionaries" section of the desktop contains the following reference books:

  • Regions-the list of regions is linked’ to a specific country.


Fig.  4.1.1. Directory of Regions

  • Localities - a list of localities, linked’ to the country or region.


Fig. 4.1.2. Localities

  • Countries - list of countries


Fig. 4.1.3. Countries

  • Admin unit - a list of administrative divisions created in the system. It is filled in automatically when creating Countries, Regions, or Localities.

Fig. 4.1.4. Admin unit

  • List of streets – a list of streets that are also linked’ to localities.


Fig. 4.1.5. List of streets

  • Region Types – list of types of regions


Fig. 4.1.6. Region Types

  • City types – list of locality types


Fig. 4.1.7. City types