Our story

At the very beginning, Nectain was born as a framework within which we developed solutions for our customers. During these works, we thought about how to solve the problem of the lack of developers in the market and transfer the work on creating solutions into the hands of consultants and business analysts. Our architects came up with a solution that eventually grew into a full-scale low-code kit. We assembled prototypes in a matter of days, bringing a stunning result in terms of price, speed and quality of the final result. This achievement led us to the idea that we should focus on improving the constructor itself and give it access to other companies that will be able to create large-scale solutions for themselves or for their customers without deep knowledge of programming languages.

Who are we?

Nectain didn’t appear as a result of a momentary insight: it was a product of many years of gathering experience in the field of development. Now we want to offer you to start from the point where everything is much easier and faster, and we are ready to support you with any difficulties that may arise in the process of acquaintance with our low-code platform.

Team Nectain

We are here to help our customers achieve success.

Your business is our concern. Genuine concern.

Nectain DIY automates over 90% of back and middle office processes and procedures. We understand that mastering the tools and taking advantage of the platform is not an easy task, so we are open, communicative, and always in touch.

Nectain DIY new generation office computer system – use handy tools and let your business be successful.