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How Nectain can add value to your business.

Nectain is designed to lower the cost of developing complex process automation systems, reduce time on development and specialists onboarding.

Thus, the automation of processes and decision-making in the company is brought to a completely new level.

  • Cost reduction
  • Growth in efficiency
  • Short development time
  • No limits in extensibility of functionality

Create enterprise apps and automate business processes speedily.

Nectain is an enterprise low-code platform for digital process automation. The system allows you to create process-oriented applications for any business needs. When you use Nectain, you should expect to build your solution 10x faster, reduce your maintenance costs by 50%, and gain superior functionality as compared to traditional development.

Why Nectain?


Nectain enables handling terabytes of data and thousands of users simultaneously.

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No Data Modeling

Too many low-code solutions require you to model data before you know what you want to do with it.

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Ready-made solutions

Rich set of ready-made solutions out of the box

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With us you can be sure of the result. We offer you a free pilot, in which our specialists will create a working prototype for you.

  • Collect the requirements
  • Create a complete picture of the system
  • Model a prototype
  • Remove all risks

Our Clients

Real success stories


Automation of primary documentation processing in energetic

PIN Bank

Automation of HR management processes in the bank


Bank Ukrainian Capital AT

Automation of bank customer service processes

Are you a consulting company or an independent consultant?

Your knowledge in the subject area will help us in implementing solutions for clients, and our team will become a source of permanent income for you.

Our affiliate program includes:

  • Internal partner daily rates for the work of the Nectain team
  • Discounts on licenses
  • Marketing support
  • Permanent income from common customers for our partners.

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